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Three Warning Signs Poor Mentality

Continuing study of the origins of human success saboteurs poor mentality, here are three danger signs of poor mentality in people that we can recognize the most common:

1. Poor mentality danger sign # 1: Money, money, money.

Signs that you have a poor mentality in your head is when you do not stop thinking about money, money, money, money and money.

Let me ask, "What do you think about money? When you think about money? Are you often worried about not having enough money, or are wondering how can you get? Have you thought about what your reason for wanting the money, and the possibility of that you could get all of it, even without money? Did you feel the need to always have money? "

Do you feel jealous when people are getting more money from you, "How could he be more money than me, huh? salary is greater ?" Jealousy and similar expressions, although not spoken by the mouth.

Many people are poor or mentally poor who spend their time and energy to think about money, or more precisely, think of the fact that they do not have (enough) money.

    I again do not have money ya ... ,
    When I have money ya ... ,
    If I had the money ... ,
    Later when I had the money ... ,
    I wish I had the money ... ,
    How do I get money ya ...

Previously when I was poor (and poor mentality), questions such as the above that which adorn my daily life. So are the activities that struggling with money, of which record all forms of expenditure from small to large at the end of each day, to calculate whether the money would be enough until the end of the month, to continue wondering about how the rich got their money.

If no job offer, which I first ask how much the pay is. If invited to a business, how thankfully.

I focused on the life and especially in the absence of money in my life.

There is no end I think about the things I can not buy because there is no money, and the things that I might buy if I had the money.

I often fantasized about money raining from the sky.

I also often envy, and envy instead, on those who are rich, who seem happy to continue her life, always have the money for whatever they want.

money is like a butterfly, when pursued even elusive

In fact, money is like a butterfly the more you chase with aggressive, even more difficult for you to catch.

Conversely, when we stopped pursuing, could suddenly butterflies are approaching and even landed, when we are busy just enjoying the beauty of flowers.

2. Poor mentality danger sign # 2: "I hate the rich!"

As noted above, because our thoughts often dwell on the lack of money that we experience, then we are so often compares himself with rich people.

Yes, who would not want to be rich like them, can be and buy whatever they want.

The important question is why would anyone who is not characterized by the same poor or suffering.

This is what we should be looking out, for us to imitate.

But usually we are even more focused on our envy of the things that are not owned by rich people we have.

Lethal four words that your success

Of the millions of words that you use every day, there are 4 words that turn off your success, like a poison that will destroy the entire fibril success of your life.

When you use these words, whether consciously or not, most likely you will not be as successful as you want. Successful or even not at all.

When you use the 4 word assassin is successful, the success is guaranteed you will be away and was caught in a "traffic jam" with the same life that have you suffered, probably until many years into the future, until you stop using words that are lethal This success in your life. Because, no one can be successful if he has a habit of using the 4th word "dangerous" enemy's success.

So is the 4 words that this is the greatest enemy of success? (Can we have a drum roll, please ...)
"I already know that."

Why is dangerous to 4 words?

Why to 4 words "I already know that" or all sorts of variants is very dangerous and deadly to your success?

That's because, once you start thinking that you already know something, let alone then pressed it again with the words you say, "I already know it", then when it's also your mind closed, even on something that you actually do not know. Just closed, hermetically sealed.

No more motivation to dig deeper or find out more.

And as a result, became no longer possible for you to learn new things, because the learning process is stalled.

When in fact it might even think you are no longer novel also has elements that we do not fully know. We may not know everything with complete and final. There are always new possibilities.

But once the four deadly words spoken earlier, our mind will feel no longer need to figure out things and new possibilities, which as a result, learning and growing process that allows us to create new findings, new breakthroughs, and has become even wider horizons were stalled.

And with the cessation of the things that is a necessary component of success achievement of this life, supposing also stopped our lives.

Successful because of ego death

Worse, all of this happens because of our ego talking.

Those who say "I already know it" is often said that because it is based unwillingness to look foolish.

And the desire to feel smart and already knew all this make them shut the doors of learning and new growth.

And, in fact we can always learn from everyone and every situation.

Second egoism that makes people think the mindset "I already know" is derived from misplaced pride.

Many people feel have achieved success and therefore considers this world and its contents as an arena of competition with each other.

Who's the best, that's what made it to success, according to their logic.

People like this, would not be "able" when it should learn from the people who they deem less successful, people who they consider to be smaller because they were under the stairs achievement.

"What, I asked for advice on my boys? What does the world?" they said.

In fact, not readers, the world is not going to say anything. He will not judge you just because you do not know something and dare to ask.

Otherwise the world would be proud. All achievements and discoveries in the world started from a question, which sparked curiosity, which is based on ignorance.

Steps to Successful Receiving

The ignorance of people about the steps to getting success often leads to them (feel) are not successful in life.

In the previous lesson about the cycle of success, we've discussed how many people difficulty in accepting the success they have asked for.

That's why this lesson will discuss one of the most important success but at the same time the most difficult, the steps to getting success you have asked yourself before.

Receive a one-step success is quite difficult because most humans have shadows in their minds that "accept success" the same way as usual when they accept anything that is given to them. Ie with hands lifted up waiting for something to put on it.

Since it has been requested, they thought it was a successful move received by waiting so alone.

money tree

Many dream of instant wealth will then "dropped from the sky by God", so that when it rains the money had not come, or their money trees do not grow well, they are looking for and he did not get what they asked for.

But readers, please do not feel disappointed when I tell you that the success of real life is not like a bag of money that fell from the sky, which felt so "magical", magical and extraordinary.

raining money

Success is a natural process (natural), and hence successfully proceed along the process of change, growth and development within you.

Just as there will never be the person who got a sack of money transfers from the sky all of a sudden, there will never be also people who would be queen, king, conglomerate, the president or any of his dreams suddenly.

No sudden in this world. All proceeds, step by step.

We will only reap what we sow. This again is the law of God.

If we do not plant anything, then we will not be able to reap any.

What happened to you today is the result of all that you harvest crops in times past.

So what you will reap later on is what you plant today.

Even something that seems too sudden, for example, the small miracles that happen to us, in fact is also the fruit of our own actions, the steps we have traveled.

Thus, there is no story, for example, you sleep, then woke up already in a beautiful palace. You crowned princess or a royal crown that you've never known before.

Stories like this, or something like that, can only exist in fairy tales or fiction.

Even the people who win the lottery-no, he is not likely to suddenly win the lottery. The success he just win the lottery already shown that he is a most unusual purchase lottery, right? That he has taken steps to win the lottery with the first purchase.

success comes every day

Yes, success in life is formed of the gifts of the "small" that we take for granted day to day in our lives.

Successful we have received and we feel fairly coincided with the life.

We ask one thing, this time asking for a job say to the Lord, then we got it. It was a success.

And because you have to work, where you're developing with a myriad of skills and new experiences. It was a success.

Because now you have grown, your desire is growing. You now want to not just have a job. You also want a big salary. You know how to ask for it. And so you can get it. This success.

Then it was his turn when working for someone else no longer satisfy you. You want to be able to be your own boss or even the boss for others, in the sense you want to create jobs for others' work.

And you can also get a greater desire this, because now you know how to ask the right. It was also a success.

And so on. That success. You know who you want and you know how to get it.

And it does not have a great desire.

You know how to get the smile of someone who had been hostile to you, it is also a success.

You can enjoy your holidays peacefully with family, it was a success.

You sleep soundly tonight. It was also a success. And so on.

And so on, without end, until the fixed period for us in this world.

That's why there is a saying that success is not a destination, but along the journey of our life is to feel and accept the process of success, ie if we know how to enjoy life as we want.

This is the secret of success. These are the steps to getting successful.

Here are some clear steps you must take to get the full feel and accept the success that you've asked for it, CURRENT too.

In other words, if the steps to receive the success you have to go, you will not feel your life pass you by without feeling, without meaning, without a lasting impression. When you take all steps to receive this success, you will feel your life at every moment, in all its aspects and feels like a complete life.

So to say, the following practical steps to make sure you receive your success every time.

    First step, live your life as normal.
    Second step, take (only)-inspired action / inspired.
    Third step, rejoice always enjoy life.
    Last step, thankful at all times.

Key to Your Success

I was reading the book "The Blue Zones" by Dan Buettner, who revealed the results of studies and years of research to find the key to successful longevity of people living in these areas are referred to as the blue area or the Blue Zone.

Blue area has a population of over 100 years old more than any region in the world.

The researchers tried to find similarities between all octogenarians (or elderly aged over 80 years) to reveal what the secret of youth, vitality, life satisfaction as well as their good health.

One clue they found was that all the people who reached the age of above 80 years the average has what is called in Japanese "purpose of life" or a LIFE PURPOSE large, a reason to keep living that make them continue with the spirit up in the morning to live and enjoy this life, regardless of their age.

(Japanese term is popular because many regions in the country Sakura goes into Blue Zones or Zona Blue).

You also may have read about a country doctor from Japan who are still healthy, physically fit and active intelligence so that they can serve the society in the age of 98 years.

The term "life purpose" was also later turned out to be more popular in the west there because it sounds more exotic than the term "ON PURPOSE" which is very common to hear.

In an area that makes the Blue Area, Okinawa, all the inhabitants already familiar talking about life goals each with his neighbor.

If you happen to get there, and then asked one of the residents of Okinawa who you happen to meet on the street, then they will no longer need to think can deliver them to your life's purpose.

What is the purpose of your life?

Well, what about you?

Do you usually discuss the purpose of your life with someone who is close to you, so the more firmly embedded in the minds and always inspire your days?

Or conversely, you own it is not clear what exactly the purpose of life or your life's purpose?

Yes, what is your reason to live in this world?

What makes your life is meaningful and worth living?

Do you have a good reason to wake up in the morning with the spirit?

Or did your day is filled with a list of things to be done that was just as a series of "tasks" or burden?

And if you every day just filling time and meet the day with activities that are often unclear and meaningless?

You know how that feels meaningful life from day to day?

The answer to all questions is the purpose of your life.

And finding life's purpose or the purpose of life is the key to your success for sure.

    "Decide a major goal in your life, and start your life in such a way that all things / activities of life that you do to support that goal."

Start Think Purpose of Life (life purpose) you

    "Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself so that you can find that everything in life has its own ends."

If you apparently have not found your purpose in life, it's time you often ponder the question "What is the purpose of my life?" Here you are.

Success Inspiration Quote

Life is full of rise and fall. In certain situations we will certainly need inspiration to continue eager to continue and enjoy this trip.

For that we will continue to need the inspiration and wise words world thinkers in our lives.

And out there is so many outstanding quotes aimed to inspire your success.

But, because of the aphorisms of the thinkers of the world who have the background, experience, outlook on life and different beliefs, then surely not all of these aphorisms will fit, fitting or useful to us.

Not all of these quotes can be an inspiration to our success.

We should be able to pick and choose which words of wisdom that will truly inspire, motivate and support the success of our lives, and which are just the opposite, demoralizing, debilitating power struggle or even "misleading".

In the pages of our Success Inspiring Aphorisms, select and sort the work we have done for you. We only list the exact quotes, inspirational quotes that will be a success and motivation success affirmations of your life. Quotes that support the total life success you are looking for.

All you have to do to stay ... "ENJOY and BE INSPIRED".

Every time you feel 'whole' and 'hot' with your life, visit our quotes inspirational success.

Beautiful messages in it will help you find the wisdom in all situations and conditions.

Another advantage of a collection of inspirational aphorisms our success is that they do not come from one person.

We know, it is impossible for one person to know the whole truth, so we avoid the "approach" that uses the resource persons just as a source of inspirational aphorisms our success, because it can limit your insight into one perspective only.

So, once again, that the Rest Assured, (rest assured that) in the pages of inspiring words of our success, you will find only the best, from the head of a lot of the best people, as well as the saying goes that, "Great minds think alike "and that" Nobody has the whole truth. Everybody has a piece of everything. "

Or that "The people are great and the wise have similar thoughts or views" and that "In this world no one has the whole truth. Each person has a piece of the truth, including you."

Read inspiring quotes success we also give you the opportunity to enrich your English vocabulary, because the pearls are available in two versions, one Indonesian and one in English.

(Actually, the original successful inspirational aphorisms is the English version, while the Indonesian language is an explanation of my interpretation of the results.)

Well, the more complete, right, your understanding?

So, congratulations inspired.