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Key to Your Success

I was reading the book "The Blue Zones" by Dan Buettner, who revealed the results of studies and years of research to find the key to successful longevity of people living in these areas are referred to as the blue area or the Blue Zone.

Blue area has a population of over 100 years old more than any region in the world.

The researchers tried to find similarities between all octogenarians (or elderly aged over 80 years) to reveal what the secret of youth, vitality, life satisfaction as well as their good health.

One clue they found was that all the people who reached the age of above 80 years the average has what is called in Japanese "purpose of life" or a LIFE PURPOSE large, a reason to keep living that make them continue with the spirit up in the morning to live and enjoy this life, regardless of their age.

(Japanese term is popular because many regions in the country Sakura goes into Blue Zones or Zona Blue).

You also may have read about a country doctor from Japan who are still healthy, physically fit and active intelligence so that they can serve the society in the age of 98 years.

The term "life purpose" was also later turned out to be more popular in the west there because it sounds more exotic than the term "ON PURPOSE" which is very common to hear.

In an area that makes the Blue Area, Okinawa, all the inhabitants already familiar talking about life goals each with his neighbor.

If you happen to get there, and then asked one of the residents of Okinawa who you happen to meet on the street, then they will no longer need to think can deliver them to your life's purpose.

What is the purpose of your life?

Well, what about you?

Do you usually discuss the purpose of your life with someone who is close to you, so the more firmly embedded in the minds and always inspire your days?

Or conversely, you own it is not clear what exactly the purpose of life or your life's purpose?

Yes, what is your reason to live in this world?

What makes your life is meaningful and worth living?

Do you have a good reason to wake up in the morning with the spirit?

Or did your day is filled with a list of things to be done that was just as a series of "tasks" or burden?

And if you every day just filling time and meet the day with activities that are often unclear and meaningless?

You know how that feels meaningful life from day to day?

The answer to all questions is the purpose of your life.

And finding life's purpose or the purpose of life is the key to your success for sure.

    "Decide a major goal in your life, and start your life in such a way that all things / activities of life that you do to support that goal."

Start Think Purpose of Life (life purpose) you

    "Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself so that you can find that everything in life has its own ends."

If you apparently have not found your purpose in life, it's time you often ponder the question "What is the purpose of my life?" Here you are.

Because we all have a purpose in life, just might not understand it.

In fact, the purpose of this life is the key to success is very powerful to help you make the best trip in the world.

So begin, think about: what in the world is valuable to you, what is your concern, call your life, you want to achieve with your time and energy.

Here are some examples of Life Purpose statement or purpose in life:

    "I want to leave this world in better shape than before I was born, a better place for all human beings and other living creatures."
    "My life goal is to raise awareness and human dignity through the business."
    "I want to inspire and train people to find and fulfill their potential."
    "I want to bring out the beauty in people's lives through the arts."
    "My goal is for every client I could find and feel the beauty of the home and their gardens."
    "I wanted to find a cure for a disease that has no cure."
    "My goal is to share all the information that will help anyone live a better life but with an easier way."
    and so on.

On the purpose of life sentences above, you will see there are so many different purposes that can be selected human life.

And here's the beauty of this life goal.

If we believe everything God created is no purpose, no function, then this also means that all human beings have a purpose in life, which is not necessarily equal to each other.

There are billions of people on this planet, and none were identical similar to other human beings.

So our purpose in life, what's important in our lives was also not necessarily the same.

Everyone should have their own life goals. This is what makes this world go round.

Some requirements statements Purpose of Life (life purpose)

To be effective a motivator internal or thrust your life from inside yourself that you go ahead, life purpose must meet several requirements below:

    life goal or purpose in life is to be large enough so that the possibility of completion to be completed in your lifetime is small.

    And because it is not well resolved, the purpose of life will continue to encourage you to get up in the morning in order to pass them even if you're 111 years old, because you know your job in life is not yet finished.
    purpose in life should be in accordance with the interests and talents, as has been procured by the Almighty, as the goal of life should have an element of fun that will continue to encourage you to survive.

    If the purpose of your life just went along with everyone else or even do the errand others even though you yourself do not like it, then the purpose of life is not going to work. You will not find the success you are looking for in this way.
    major life goals also allow you to do many things to fulfill diverse. This makes you avoid boredom and life goals are, once again, so it has an element of fun that makes you enjoy every second.

Let's look at an example of the purpose of life on the artwork above.

The basic objective is incorporating elements of beauty in all aspects of human life through art.

Well it's artwork can be different. And you do not have to be the creator of the work itself. You can open a gallery displaying artwork of others. To event organizers an art show. Making a website is to review the works of art, write a book about a work of art. Being an art exhibition ticket sales agents, and so on.

Not limited possibilities.

Doctor Shigeaki Hinohara purpose of life which is the inspirational leader of the Blue Zone area, Japan, is to provide greater opportunities for all walks of life enjoy the best quality health care and affordable.

This is an example of the purpose of life is extremely effective "motivate" the doctor to continue to actively work with so many ways to almost a century old. Until the moment when another man who does not have a strong purpose in life is not powerless against old age.

purpose in life should be fun for you

Often when you do a search of your life goals, you will discover that you've been involved in several activities related to your life's purpose. Although usually only in the form of something that is a voluntary activity on the basis of a hobby.

Because it is the goal of life should Air foundation on something that we like and can enjoy.

Such as those who have aspirations to be a writer, might quietly started a blog, which is really just purely for the purpose of delivering what they like it. Earn money from their blogs not their primary goal with this life goal.

While those whose goal in life in social Bisang will be happy to join the organization to help others even though no wages at all.

Yes, usually the things gladly and willingly we do that is the forerunner of our key to success. Things that become the seeds of a life goal that is super strong and effective, to lead us to success.

find purpose in life key to success

purpose in life should be fun first, but will also have to produce

Yes, it was a total success also means we have a purpose in life skills that are not only fun but also produce.

Because, the purpose of life should not be something that we do just because we call the soul, and because of love.

purpose in life is cultivated and occupied with the totality of all it will be easier to produce a tremendous success, not only in terms of income but also the spiritual satisfaction of material, because he Air foundation on interest and ability.

You do not have to work at something you hate just because that is where you earn money, while at the same time you do not ignore your purpose in life at all.

We will be much more able to succeed when doing something that we can enjoy.

So, from now on, slowly but surely, change the course of your life to be able to do activities that are part of your life goals more in every time.

And see the big difference you will feel in your life.

    "Now is the time to live your dreams."

Challenge! Answer these questions:

    What is the purpose of your life? What makes you get up in the morning with a cheerful spirit and heart every day?
    What 3 positive force yourself do you have?
    How can you use the power to fulfill your life's purpose?
    What can you do today to live according to your purpose in life?

    When we enjoy a full and meaningful life today, whether to worry about the past or will happen?

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