Monday, July 29, 2013

Lethal four words that your success

Of the millions of words that you use every day, there are 4 words that turn off your success, like a poison that will destroy the entire fibril success of your life.

When you use these words, whether consciously or not, most likely you will not be as successful as you want. Successful or even not at all.

When you use the 4 word assassin is successful, the success is guaranteed you will be away and was caught in a "traffic jam" with the same life that have you suffered, probably until many years into the future, until you stop using words that are lethal This success in your life. Because, no one can be successful if he has a habit of using the 4th word "dangerous" enemy's success.

So is the 4 words that this is the greatest enemy of success? (Can we have a drum roll, please ...)
"I already know that."

Why is dangerous to 4 words?

Why to 4 words "I already know that" or all sorts of variants is very dangerous and deadly to your success?

That's because, once you start thinking that you already know something, let alone then pressed it again with the words you say, "I already know it", then when it's also your mind closed, even on something that you actually do not know. Just closed, hermetically sealed.

No more motivation to dig deeper or find out more.

And as a result, became no longer possible for you to learn new things, because the learning process is stalled.

When in fact it might even think you are no longer novel also has elements that we do not fully know. We may not know everything with complete and final. There are always new possibilities.

But once the four deadly words spoken earlier, our mind will feel no longer need to figure out things and new possibilities, which as a result, learning and growing process that allows us to create new findings, new breakthroughs, and has become even wider horizons were stalled.

And with the cessation of the things that is a necessary component of success achievement of this life, supposing also stopped our lives.

Successful because of ego death

Worse, all of this happens because of our ego talking.

Those who say "I already know it" is often said that because it is based unwillingness to look foolish.

And the desire to feel smart and already knew all this make them shut the doors of learning and new growth.

And, in fact we can always learn from everyone and every situation.

Second egoism that makes people think the mindset "I already know" is derived from misplaced pride.

Many people feel have achieved success and therefore considers this world and its contents as an arena of competition with each other.

Who's the best, that's what made it to success, according to their logic.

People like this, would not be "able" when it should learn from the people who they deem less successful, people who they consider to be smaller because they were under the stairs achievement.

"What, I asked for advice on my boys? What does the world?" they said.

In fact, not readers, the world is not going to say anything. He will not judge you just because you do not know something and dare to ask.

Otherwise the world would be proud. All achievements and discoveries in the world started from a question, which sparked curiosity, which is based on ignorance.

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