Monday, July 29, 2013

Three Warning Signs Poor Mentality

Continuing study of the origins of human success saboteurs poor mentality, here are three danger signs of poor mentality in people that we can recognize the most common:

1. Poor mentality danger sign # 1: Money, money, money.

Signs that you have a poor mentality in your head is when you do not stop thinking about money, money, money, money and money.

Let me ask, "What do you think about money? When you think about money? Are you often worried about not having enough money, or are wondering how can you get? Have you thought about what your reason for wanting the money, and the possibility of that you could get all of it, even without money? Did you feel the need to always have money? "

Do you feel jealous when people are getting more money from you, "How could he be more money than me, huh? salary is greater ?" Jealousy and similar expressions, although not spoken by the mouth.

Many people are poor or mentally poor who spend their time and energy to think about money, or more precisely, think of the fact that they do not have (enough) money.

    I again do not have money ya ... ,
    When I have money ya ... ,
    If I had the money ... ,
    Later when I had the money ... ,
    I wish I had the money ... ,
    How do I get money ya ...

Previously when I was poor (and poor mentality), questions such as the above that which adorn my daily life. So are the activities that struggling with money, of which record all forms of expenditure from small to large at the end of each day, to calculate whether the money would be enough until the end of the month, to continue wondering about how the rich got their money.

If no job offer, which I first ask how much the pay is. If invited to a business, how thankfully.

I focused on the life and especially in the absence of money in my life.

There is no end I think about the things I can not buy because there is no money, and the things that I might buy if I had the money.

I often fantasized about money raining from the sky.

I also often envy, and envy instead, on those who are rich, who seem happy to continue her life, always have the money for whatever they want.

money is like a butterfly, when pursued even elusive

In fact, money is like a butterfly the more you chase with aggressive, even more difficult for you to catch.

Conversely, when we stopped pursuing, could suddenly butterflies are approaching and even landed, when we are busy just enjoying the beauty of flowers.

2. Poor mentality danger sign # 2: "I hate the rich!"

As noted above, because our thoughts often dwell on the lack of money that we experience, then we are so often compares himself with rich people.

Yes, who would not want to be rich like them, can be and buy whatever they want.

The important question is why would anyone who is not characterized by the same poor or suffering.

This is what we should be looking out, for us to imitate.

But usually we are even more focused on our envy of the things that are not owned by rich people we have.

And this is not helping, otherwise this is a danger sign that we are not only in poverty, but also the birth of the already deeply rooted in our mentality. Which it is made out of the bondage of poverty becomes more difficult because we are supposing bound by two very strong rope (the rope doble, born poor and poor mentality).

Why malicious envy, jealousy and envy because this could then lead to hatred.

Not long before you will start to think or even say openly that, "You hate the rich".

Do you have a little experience negative feelings toward the rich?

I used to own a business. And every time there are customers who come by car, I immediately thought, "Well the rich, ya, I wrote expensive price. They'd already have everything, money is not a problem for them, they are not going to lose even though I differentiate prices. They'll also like a waste of money to buy expensive things. "

And so on, which is the point I really do not like the same person based on the rich because of my jealousy and envy them. So I feel the need to "uphold justice" by making rich people also joined a little "suffer" the same as me.

I also often have prejudices once about the rich variety of such prejudice. Such as:

    The rich man became rich because they are stingy.
    Rich people certainly arrogant.
    The rich man was wasteful.
    Rich people used to nepotism and collusion. They made a mutual decision among themselves only.

Well, here's where the real problem arises, because even though I feel like the rich people, and feel that wealth many negative values, you know what I do?

Yes, I tried as hard as possible to be too rich as they were.

I struggled to find riches.

3. Danger signs of poor mentality No. 3: Make a decision based on fear.

Yes, make decisions based on the fear of failure or fear of loss is a danger sign that there is a poor mentality in you that will not lead you to prosperity or success.

Even taking decisions based on the fear of loss or fear of failure will rob your sense of happiness and peace, joy robs you will likely be successful in the future.

And all the fear and anxiety will affect your behavior.

Or those who delay treatment when sick in order to save money, until the disease is more severe and it was too late.

Or people who choose to save their money rather than invest 100 thousand despite the possibility of a return value can reach 10 times that.

Or those who opted to stay with her regular job for years despite little apparent result and never go up, rather than undergo a new possibility.

In essence, poor for decades due to greater fear of failure when trying something new.

All decisions something like this based on the fear of loss or fear of failure, better to be safe with that had been undertaken rather than taking action is uncertain.

But readers, what is certain in this life? Even God's promise to repay tenfold all the gifts we have also in a sense "not sure", because we do not know when.

Everything we do, what else is for the first time, many are based only on trust and faith alone, because we can not know for sure what will happen later in our future.

But the decisions based on fear is not going to lead us to riches. Because your focus is not to try to get the possibility of benefit, but how to avoid the possibility of bad.

If you argue, "Endless, that's definitely not lucky," I said back, "But surely not lose too, right?"

As long as everything has been taken into account as much as possible, what's wrong with trying something new?

Even a mate who we choose to marry is also disputable "profitable", is not it?

Well, now you know how mind programming that you have?

How do you know if your subconscious mind is programmed to be ready to accept success and wealth or poverty would be trapped inside forever?

If you want to know, try to examine your answers to the scenario that I have asked and discussed previously above.

Think carefully, is there an answer similar to yours?

When the decisions and actions you take, especially those related to career, business and finance shaped "be careful, who knows fails. Better not to try, rather than later even tried but failed" means your mind is programmed to poor.

But when your actions and decisions shaped "press forward toward riches, try all, who knows who is going to work" then you have programmed for success.

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